A startpage designed to theme well with Microsoft Edge's colorscheme. (Both Light and Dark)
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This is a start page designed specifically to look nice with Microsoft Edge. It has two flavours:

  • Dark (Meant for use with App Mode set to Dark)
  • Light (Meant for use with App Mode set to Light)



  1. Clone the repository git clone https://github.com/katalysatorn/MSEdge-StartPage.
  2. Unzip it, and copy either (or both) dark/light folders to a location you can access easily, but won't accidentally delete.
  3. Open Microsoft Edge.
  4. Click the three dots in the top right corner.
  5. Open the start page in Microsoft Edge (Right click, open with).
  6. Copy the URL in the address bar.
  7. Select Settings.
  8. Where it says Choose a theme pick the one that matches your startpage flavour.
  9. Where it says Open Microsoft Edge with select A specific page or pages and paste the URL where it says Enter a URL.
  10. Hit save.

New Tab Behaviour

Since here, I have made it so that the links open it in a new tab. I did this because you cannot set a new tab page to a file, so I wanted it to act as a 'Home' of sorts. You can remove this by:

  1. Opening the index.html file in whatever folder your Start Page is in
  2. Hit Ctrl + H
  3. In Find What: type target="_blank"
  4. Hit Replace All
  5. Save the file and it should now open in the current tab.

Note: These instructions are for Sublime Text 3 and may depend on what text editor you use


MSEdge-StartPage in its dark flavour

View Live


MSEdge-StartPage in its light flavour

View Live


If you have any questions, simply write a new question report. It would be preferable as well if you can select the question tag. It would be preferable as well if you can select the question tag.