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Converts Ornament to be grunt compatible
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Ornament - Static Site

Converts the rails Ornament framework in to a static-site friendly format, including grunt tasks for sass and JS building.


See instructions for building ornament for ember


  1. NPM (brew install npm)
  2. Compass (gem install compass)

Getting Started

  1. Git clone this repo in to your project folder.
  2. Run ./generate_ornament to pull css, js and html files in to your project.
  3. Run grunt watch and start developing!

Optional Steps

  1. Customise file paths in gruntfile.js
  2. Customise what JS components are needed in your gruntfile.js
  3. Remove css/styleguide.[css|scss]

Grunt tasks

grunt css - Builds your CSS via SASS and Compass.
grunt js - Concatenates your JS files and then minifies them.
grunt watch - Auto-runs the CSS and JS tasks when .scss and .js files are updated.
grunt icons - The usual ornament icon builder. See the ornament docs for more info.


  1. Install the LiveReload browser extension, visit your page and enable it.
  2. Run grunt watch


  1. Includes (grunt-includes)
  2. Re-import webfonts include
  3. Loops, basic logic helpers (grunt-html-build?)
  4. Image minification (grunt-imagemin)
  5. Do something with the styleguide
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