Add additional fields for articles in Joomla com_content
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Add additional fields for articles in Joomla com_content

This plugin is to allow a Joomla site to add additional fields for com_content without modifying the core system or modifying the #__content table in the database.

It is designed for Joomla 3.3 but will likely work with earlier versions of Joomla 3.

This plugin is still under development and testing...

####### To add a field(s)

  1. In ksextras.php, add the field to array in function setKSField()
  2. In extras/testimonial.xml add the field(s)
  3. In language/en-GB/en-GB.plg_content_ksextras.ini add the language strings

Sample layout override output for a testimonial (replace the items in the curly brackets with the appropriate variables):

<div itemtype="" itemscope="">
<div class="schema-review-description" itemprop="description">Review of {organization}</div>
<div class="schema-item-reviewed" itemtype="{organization_type}" itemscope="" itemprop="itemReviewed">
<span itemprop="name">{organization}</span>
<div class="testimonial-rating" itemprop="reviewRating"><span itemprop="ratingValue">{rating}</span>/5</div>
<div class="testimonial" itemprop="reviewBody">{text}</div>
<div class="testimonial-author" itemtype="" itemscope="" itemprop="author">
<span class="testimonial-author-name" itemprop="name">{testimonial_by}</span>
<span class="testimonial-author-address" itemtype="" itemscope="" itemprop="address">
<span itemprop="addressLocality">{author_locality}</span>
<span itemprop="addressRegion">{author_region}</span>