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Looking for free and real-time support?

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Should I upgrade my Iris?

Developers are not forced to upgrade if they don't really need it. Upgrade whenever you feel ready.

How to upgrade: Open your command-line and execute this command: go get

Sa, 26 October 2019 | v12.0.0

  • Add version suffix of the import path, learn why and see what people voted at issue #1370

  • All errors are now compatible with go1.13 errors.Is, errors.As and fmt.Errorf and a new core/errgroup package created
  • Fix #1383
  • Report whether system couldn't find the directory of view templates
  • Remove the Party#GetReport method, keep Party#GetReporter which is an error and an errgroup.Group.
  • Remove the router's deprecated methods such as StaticWeb and StaticEmbedded_XXX
  • The Context#CheckIfModifiedSince now returns an context.ErrPreconditionFailed type of error when client conditions are not met. Usage: if errors.Is(err, context.ErrPreconditionFailed) { ... }
  • Add SourceFileName and SourceLineNumber to the Route, reports the exact position of its registration inside your project's source code.
  • Fix a bug about the MVC package route binding, see PR #1364
  • Add mvc/Application#SortByNumMethods as requested at #1343
  • Add status code 103 Early Hints
  • Fix performance of session.UpdateExpiration on 200 thousands+ keys with new radix as reported at issue #1328
  • New redis session database configuration field: Driver: redis.Redigo() or redis.Radix(), see updated examples
  • Add Clusters support for redis:radix session database (Driver: redis:Radix()) as requested at issue #1339
  • Create Iranian README_FA translation with PR #1360
  • Create Korean README_KO translation with PR #1356
  • Create Spanish README_ES and HISTORY_ES translations with PR #1344.

The iris-contrib/middleare and examples are updated to use the new import path.

Fr, 16 August 2019 | v11.2.8

  • Set Cookie.SameSite to Lax when subdomains sessions share is enabled*
  • Add and update all experimental handlers
  • New XMLMap function which wraps a map[string]interface{} and converts it to a valid xml content to render through Context.XML method
  • Add new ProblemOptions.XML and RenderXML fields to render the Problem as XML(application/problem+xml) instead of JSON("application/problem+json) and enrich the Negotiate to easily accept the application/problem+xml mime.

Commit log:

Th, 15 August 2019 | v11.2.7

This minor version contains improvements on the Problem Details for HTTP APIs implemented on v11.2.5.

Example and wikis updated.


Commit log:

We, 14 August 2019 | v11.2.6

Allow handle more than one route with the same paths and parameter types but different macro validation functions.

app.Get("/{alias:string regexp(^[a-z0-9]{1,10}\\.xml$)}", PanoXML)
app.Get("/{alias:string regexp(^[a-z0-9]{1,10}$)}", Tour)

Commit log:

Mo, 12 August 2019 | v11.2.5

Commit log:

Fr, 09 August 2019 | v11.2.4

Commit log:

Tu, 30 July 2019 | v11.2.3

We, 24 July 2019 | v11.2.2

Sessions as middleware:

import ""
// [...]

app := iris.New()
sess := sessions.New(sessions.Config{...})

app.Get("/path", func(ctx iris.Context){
    session := sessions.Get(ctx)
    // [work with session...]
  • Add Session.Len() int to return the total number of stored values/entries.
  • Make Context.HTML and Context.Text to accept an optional, variadic, args ...interface{} input arg(s) too.


Tu, 23 July 2019 | v11.2.0

Read about the new release at:

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