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package main
import (
var markdownContents = []byte(`## Hello Markdown
This is a sample of Markdown contents
All features of Sundown are supported, including:
* **Compatibility**. The Markdown v1.0.3 test suite passes with
the --tidy option. Without --tidy, the differences are
mostly in whitespace and entity escaping, where blackfriday is
more consistent and cleaner.
* **Common extensions**, including table support, fenced code
blocks, autolinks, strikethroughs, non-strict emphasis, etc.
* **Safety**. Blackfriday is paranoid when parsing, making it safe
to feed untrusted user input without fear of bad things
happening. The test suite stress tests this and there are no
known inputs that make it crash. If you find one, please let me
know and send me the input that does it.
NOTE: "safety" in this context means *runtime safety only*. In order to
protect yourself against JavaScript injection in untrusted content, see
[this example](
* **Fast processing**. It is fast enough to render on-demand in
most web applications without having to cache the output.
* **Routine safety**. You can run multiple parsers in different
goroutines without ill effect. There is no dependence on global
shared state.
* **Minimal dependencies**. Blackfriday only depends on standard
library packages in Go. The source code is pretty
self-contained, so it is easy to add to any project, including
Google App Engine projects.
* **Standards compliant**. Output successfully validates using the
W3C validation tool for HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0 Transitional.
[this is a link]( `)
// Cache should not be used on handlers that contain dynamic data.
// Cache is a good and a must-feature on static content, i.e "about page" or for a whole blog site.
func main() {
app := iris.New()
app.Get("/", cache.Handler(10*time.Second), writeMarkdown)
// saves its content on the first request and serves it instead of re-calculating the content.
// After 10 seconds it will be cleared and resetted.
func writeMarkdown(ctx iris.Context) {
// tap multiple times the browser's refresh button and you will
// see this println only once every 10 seconds.
println("Handler executed. Content refreshed.")
/* Note that `StaticWeb` does use the browser's disk caching by-default
therefore, register the cache handler AFTER any StaticWeb calls,
for a faster solution that server doesn't need to keep track of the response
navigate to */
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