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package main
import (
cm ""
// $ go get
// $ go run main.go
// Enforcer maps the model and the policy for the casbin service, we use this variable on the main_test too.
var Enforcer = casbin.NewEnforcer("casbinmodel.conf", "casbinpolicy.csv")
func newApp() *iris.Application {
casbinMiddleware := cm.New(Enforcer)
app := iris.New()
app.Get("/", hi)
app.Any("/dataset1/{p:path}", hi) // p, dataset1_admin, /dataset1/*, * && p, alice, /dataset1/*, GET
app.Post("/dataset1/resource1", hi)
app.Get("/dataset2/resource2", hi)
app.Post("/dataset2/folder1/{p:path}", hi)
app.Any("/dataset2/resource1", hi)
return app
func main() {
app := newApp()
func hi(ctx iris.Context) {
ctx.Writef("Hello %s", cm.Username(ctx.Request()))
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