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package main
import (
// NOTE: need different tool than the "embedding-files-into-app" example.
// Follow these steps first:
// $ go get -u
// $ bindata ./assets/...
// $ go build
// $ ./embedding-gziped-files-into-app
// "physical" files are not used, you can delete the "assets" folder and run the example.
func newApp() *iris.Application {
app := iris.New()
// Note the `GzipAsset` and `GzipAssetNames` are different from `go-bindata`'s `Asset` and `AssetNames,
// that means that you can use both `go-bindata` and `bindata` tools,
// the `go-bindata` can be used for the view engine's `Binary` method
// and the `bindata` with the `StaticEmbeddedGzip` (x8 times faster than the StaticEmbeded with `go-bindata`).
app.StaticEmbeddedGzip("/static", "./assets", GzipAsset, GzipAssetNames)
return app
func main() {
app := newApp()
// http://localhost:8080/static/css/bootstrap.min.css
// http://localhost:8080/static/js/jquery-2.1.1.js
// http://localhost:8080/static/favicon.ico
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