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// file: web/routes/hello.go
package routes
import (
var helloView = hero.View{
Name: "hello/index.html",
Data: map[string]interface{}{
"Title": "Hello Page",
"MyMessage": "Welcome to my awesome website",
// Hello will return a predefined view with bind data.
// `hero.Result` is just an interface with a `Dispatch` function.
// `hero.Response` and `hero.View` are the built'n result type dispatchers
// you can even create custom response dispatchers by
// implementing the `` interface.
func Hello() hero.Result {
return helloView
// you can define a standard error in order to re-use anywhere in your app.
var errBadName = errors.New("bad name")
// you can just return it as error or even better
// wrap this error with an hero.Response to make it an hero.Result compatible type.
var badName = hero.Response{Err: errBadName, Code: 400}
// HelloName returns a "Hello {name}" response.
// Demos:
// curl -i http://localhost:8080/hello/iris
// curl -i http://localhost:8080/hello/anything
func HelloName(name string) hero.Result {
if name != "iris" {
return badName
// return hero.Response{Text: "Hello " + name} OR:
return hero.View{
Name: "hello/name.html",
Data: name,
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