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// file: web/routes/movie.go
package routes
import (
// Movies returns list of the movies.
// Demo:
// curl -i http://localhost:8080/movies
func Movies(service services.MovieService) (results []datamodels.Movie) {
return service.GetAll()
// MovieByID returns a movie.
// Demo:
// curl -i http://localhost:8080/movies/1
func MovieByID(service services.MovieService, id int64) (movie datamodels.Movie, found bool) {
return service.GetByID(id) // it will throw 404 if not found.
// UpdateMovieByID updates a movie.
// Demo:
// curl -i -X PUT -F "genre=Thriller" -F "poster=@/Users/kataras/Downloads/out.gif" http://localhost:8080/movies/1
func UpdateMovieByID(ctx iris.Context, service services.MovieService, id int64) (datamodels.Movie, error) {
// get the request data for poster and genre
file, info, err := ctx.FormFile("poster")
if err != nil {
return datamodels.Movie{}, errors.New("failed due form file 'poster' missing")
// we don't need the file so close it now.
// imagine that is the url of the uploaded file...
poster := info.Filename
genre := ctx.FormValue("genre")
return service.UpdatePosterAndGenreByID(id, poster, genre)
// DeleteMovieByID deletes a movie.
// Demo:
// curl -i -X DELETE -u admin:password http://localhost:8080/movies/1
func DeleteMovieByID(service services.MovieService, id int64) interface{} {
wasDel := service.DeleteByID(id)
if wasDel {
// return the deleted movie's ID
return iris.Map{"deleted": id}
// right here we can see that a method function can return any of those two types(map or int),
// we don't have to specify the return type to a specific type.
return iris.StatusBadRequest
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