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package main
import (
"" // <- IMPORTANT
func main() {
app := iris.New()
sessionManager := sessions.New(sessions.Config{
Cookie: "site_session_id",
Expires: 60 * time.Minute,
AllowReclaim: true,
// Register
// dynamic dependencies like the *sessions.Session, from `sessionManager.Start(ctx) *sessions.Session` <- it accepts a Context and it returns
// something -> this is called dynamic request-time dependency and that "something" can be used to your handlers as input parameters,
// no limit about the number of dependencies, each handler will be builded once, before the server ran and it will use only dependencies that it needs.
// convert any function to an iris Handler, their input parameters are being resolved using the unique Iris' blazing-fast dependency injection
// for services or dynamic dependencies like the *sessions.Session, from sessionManager.Start(ctx) *sessions.Session) <- it accepts a context and it returns
// something-> this is called dynamic request-time dependency.
indexHandler := hero.Handler(routes.Index)
// Method: GET
// Path: http://localhost:8080
app.Get("/", indexHandler)
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