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package routes
import (
// Index will increment a simple int version based on the visits that this user/session did.
func Index(ctx iris.Context, session *sessions.Session) {
// it increments a "visits" value of integer by one,
// if the entry with key 'visits' doesn't exist it will create it for you.
visits := session.Increment("visits", 1)
// write the current, updated visits.
ctx.Writef("%d visit(s) from my current session", visits)
You can also do anything that an MVC function can, i.e:
func Index(ctx iris.Context,session *sessions.Session) string {
visits := session.Increment("visits", 1)
return fmt.Spritnf("%d visit(s) from my current session", visits)
// you can also omit iris.Context input parameter and use dependency injection for LoginForm and etc. <- look the mvc examples.
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