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package main
import (
// Get a filename based on the date, just for the sugar.
func todayFilename() string {
today := time.Now().Format("Jan 02 2006")
return today + ".txt"
func newLogFile() *os.File {
filename := todayFilename()
// Open the file, this will append to the today's file if server restarted.
f, err := os.OpenFile(filename, os.O_CREATE|os.O_WRONLY|os.O_APPEND, 0666)
if err != nil {
return f
func main() {
f := newLogFile()
defer f.Close()
app := iris.New()
// Attach the file as logger, remember, iris' app logger is just an io.Writer.
// Use the following code if you need to write the logs to file and console at the same time.
// app.Logger().SetOutput(io.MultiWriter(f, os.Stdout))
app.Get("/ping", func(ctx iris.Context) {
// for the sake of simplicity, in order see the logs at the ./_today_.txt
ctx.Application().Logger().Infof("Request path: %s", ctx.Path())
// Navigate to http://localhost:8080/ping
// and open the ./logs{TODAY}.txt file.
if err := app.Run(iris.Addr(":8080"), iris.WithoutBanner, iris.WithoutServerError(iris.ErrServerClosed)); err != nil {
app.Logger().Warn("Shutdown with error: " + err.Error())
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