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package main
import (
func newApp() *iris.Application {
app := iris.New()
globalLocale := i18n.New(i18n.Config{
Default: "en-US",
URLParameter: "lang",
Languages: map[string]string{
"en-US": "./locales/locale_en-US.ini",
"el-GR": "./locales/locale_el-GR.ini",
"zh-CN": "./locales/locale_zh-CN.ini"}})
app.Get("/", func(ctx iris.Context) {
// it tries to find the language by:
// ctx.Values().GetString("language")
// if that was empty then
// it tries to find from the URLParameter setted on the configuration
// if not found then
// it tries to find the language by the "language" cookie
// if didn't found then it it set to the Default setted on the configuration
// hi is the key, 'iris' is the %s on the .ini file
// the second parameter is optional
// hi := ctx.Translate("hi", "iris")
// or:
hi := i18n.Translate(ctx, "hi", "iris")
language := ctx.Values().GetString(ctx.Application().ConfigurationReadOnly().GetTranslateLanguageContextKey())
// return is form of 'en-US'
// The first succeed language found saved at the cookie with name ("language"),
// you can change that by changing the value of the: iris.TranslateLanguageContextKey
ctx.Writef("From the language %s translated output: %s", language, hi)
multiLocale := i18n.New(i18n.Config{
Default: "en-US",
URLParameter: "lang",
Languages: map[string]string{
"en-US": "./locales/locale_multi_first_en-US.ini, ./locales/locale_multi_second_en-US.ini",
"el-GR": "./locales/locale_multi_first_el-GR.ini, ./locales/locale_multi_second_el-GR.ini"}})
app.Get("/multi", multiLocale, func(ctx iris.Context) {
language := ctx.Values().GetString(ctx.Application().ConfigurationReadOnly().GetTranslateLanguageContextKey())
fromFirstFileValue := i18n.Translate(ctx, "key1")
fromSecondFileValue := i18n.Translate(ctx, "key2")
ctx.Writef("From the language: %s, translated output:\n%s=%s\n%s=%s",
language, "key1", fromFirstFileValue,
"key2", fromSecondFileValue)
return app
func main() {
app := newApp()
// go to http://localhost:8080/?lang=el-GR
// or http://localhost:8080 (default is en-US)
// or http://localhost:8080/?lang=zh-CN
// go to http://localhost:8080/multi?lang=el-GR
// or http://localhost:8080/multi (default is en-US)
// or http://localhost:8080/multi?lang=en-US
// or use cookies to set the language.
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