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package main
import (
func main() {
app := iris.New()
mvc.Configure(app.Party("/basic"), basicMVC)
func basicMVC(app *mvc.Application) {
// You can use normal middlewares at MVC apps of course.
app.Router.Use(func(ctx iris.Context) {
ctx.Application().Logger().Infof("Path: %s", ctx.Path())
// Register dependencies which will be binding to the controller(s),
// can be either a function which accepts an iris.Context and returns a single value (dynamic binding)
// or a static struct value (service).
&prefixedLogger{prefix: "DEV"},
// GET: http://localhost:8080/basic
// GET: http://localhost:8080/basic/custom
// All dependencies of the parent *mvc.Application
// are cloned to this new child,
// thefore it has access to the same session as well.
// GET: http://localhost:8080/basic/sub
// If controller's fields (or even its functions) expecting an interface
// but a struct value is binded then it will check
// if that struct value implements
// the interface and if true then it will add this to the
// available bindings, as expected, before the server ran of course,
// remember? Iris always uses the best possible way to reduce load
// on serving web resources.
type LoggerService interface {
type prefixedLogger struct {
prefix string
func (s *prefixedLogger) Log(msg string) {
fmt.Printf("%s: %s\n", s.prefix, msg)
type basicController struct {
Logger LoggerService
Session *sessions.Session
func (c *basicController) BeforeActivation(b mvc.BeforeActivation) {
b.Handle("GET", "/custom", "Custom")
func (c *basicController) AfterActivation(a mvc.AfterActivation) {
if a.Singleton() {
panic("basicController should be stateless, a request-scoped, we have a 'Session' which depends on the context.")
func (c *basicController) Get() string {
count := c.Session.Increment("count", 1)
body := fmt.Sprintf("Hello from basicController\nTotal visits from you: %d", count)
return body
func (c *basicController) Custom() string {
return "custom"
type basicSubController struct {
Session *sessions.Session
func (c *basicSubController) Get() string {
count := c.Session.GetIntDefault("count", 1)
return fmt.Sprintf("Hello from basicSubController.\nRead-only visits count: %d", count)
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