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If you want to use it as middleware for the entire controller
you can use its router which is just a sub router to add it as you normally do with standard API:
I'll show you 4 different methods for adding a middleware into an mvc application,
all of those 4 do exactly the same thing, select what you prefer,
I prefer the last code-snippet when I need the middleware to be registered somewhere
else as well, otherwise I am going with the first one:
// 1
mvc.Configure(app.Party("/user"), func(m *mvc.Application) {
// 2
// same:
userRouter := app.Party("/user")
mvc.Configure(userRouter, ...)
// 3
// same:
userRouter := app.Party("/user", cache.Handler(10*time.Second))
mvc.Configure(userRouter, ...)
// 4
// same:
app.PartyFunc("/user", func(r iris.Party){
mvc.Configure(r, ...)
If you want to use a middleware for a single route,
for a single controller's method that is already registered by the engine
and not by custom `Handle` (which you can add
the middleware there on the last parameter) and it's not depend on the `Next Handler` to do its job
then you just call it on the method:
var myMiddleware := myMiddleware.New(...) // this should return an iris/context.Handler
type UserController struct{}
func (c *UserController) GetSomething(ctx iris.Context) {
// ctx.Proceed checks if myMiddleware called `ctx.Next()`
// inside it and returns true if so, otherwise false.
nextCalled := ctx.Proceed(myMiddleware)
if !nextCalled {
// else do the job here, it's allowed
And last, if you want to add a middleware on a specific method
and it depends on the next and the whole chain then you have to do it
using the `AfterActivation` like the example below:
package main
import (
var cacheHandler = cache.Handler(10 * time.Second)
func main() {
app := iris.New()
// You don't have to use .Configure if you do it all in the main func
// mvc.Configure and mvc.New(...).Configure() are just helpers to split
// your code better, here we use the simplest form:
m := mvc.New(app)
type exampleController struct{}
func (c *exampleController) AfterActivation(a mvc.AfterActivation) {
// select the route based on the method name you want to
// modify.
index := a.GetRoute("Get")
// just prepend the handler(s) as middleware(s) you want to use.
// or append for "done" handlers.
index.Handlers = append([]iris.Handler{cacheHandler}, index.Handlers...)
func (c *exampleController) Get() string {
// refresh every 10 seconds and you will see different time output.
now := time.Now().Format("Mon, Jan 02 2006 15:04:05")
return "last time executed without cache: " + now
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