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// file: services/movie_service.go
package services
import (
// MovieService handles some of the CRUID operations of the movie datamodel.
// It depends on a movie repository for its actions.
// It's here to decouple the data source from the higher level compoments.
// As a result a different repository type can be used with the same logic without any aditional changes.
// It's an interface and it's used as interface everywhere
// because we may need to change or try an experimental different domain logic at the future.
type MovieService interface {
GetAll() []datamodels.Movie
GetByID(id int64) (datamodels.Movie, bool)
DeleteByID(id int64) bool
UpdatePosterAndGenreByID(id int64, poster string, genre string) (datamodels.Movie, error)
// NewMovieService returns the default movie service.
func NewMovieService(repo repositories.MovieRepository) MovieService {
return &movieService{
repo: repo,
type movieService struct {
repo repositories.MovieRepository
// GetAll returns all movies.
func (s *movieService) GetAll() []datamodels.Movie {
return s.repo.SelectMany(func(_ datamodels.Movie) bool {
return true
}, -1)
// GetByID returns a movie based on its id.
func (s *movieService) GetByID(id int64) (datamodels.Movie, bool) {
return s.repo.Select(func(m datamodels.Movie) bool {
return m.ID == id
// UpdatePosterAndGenreByID updates a movie's poster and genre.
func (s *movieService) UpdatePosterAndGenreByID(id int64, poster string, genre string) (datamodels.Movie, error) {
// update the movie and return it.
return s.repo.InsertOrUpdate(datamodels.Movie{
ID: id,
Poster: poster,
Genre: genre,
// DeleteByID deletes a movie by its id.
// Returns true if deleted otherwise false.
func (s *movieService) DeleteByID(id int64) bool {
return s.repo.Delete(func(m datamodels.Movie) bool {
return m.ID == id
}, 1)
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