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package main
import (
func main() {
app := iris.New()
// load templates.
app.RegisterView(iris.HTML("./views", ".html"))
// render the ./views/index.html.
app.Get("/", func(ctx iris.Context) {
mvc.Configure(app.Party("/websocket"), configureMVC)
// Or mvc.New(app.Party(...)).Configure(configureMVC)
// http://localhost:8080
func configureMVC(m *mvc.Application) {
ws := websocket.New(websocket.Config{})
// http://localhost:8080/websocket/iris-ws.js
m.Router.Any("/iris-ws.js", websocket.ClientHandler())
// This will bind the result of ws.Upgrade which is a websocket.Connection
// to the controller(s) served by the `m.Handle`.
var visits uint64
func increment() uint64 {
return atomic.AddUint64(&visits, 1)
func decrement() uint64 {
return atomic.AddUint64(&visits, ^uint64(0))
type websocketController struct {
// Note that you could use an anonymous field as well, it doesn't matter, binder will find it.
// This is the current websocket connection, each client has its own instance of the *websocketController.
Conn websocket.Connection
func (c *websocketController) onLeave(roomName string) {
// visits--
newCount := decrement()
// This will call the "visit" event on all clients, except the current one,
// (it can't because it's left but for any case use this type of design)
c.Conn.To(websocket.Broadcast).Emit("visit", newCount)
func (c *websocketController) update() {
// visits++
newCount := increment()
// This will call the "visit" event on all clients, including the current
// with the 'newCount' variable.
// There are many ways that u can do it and faster, for example u can just send a new visitor
// and client can increment itself, but here we are just "showcasing" the websocket controller.
c.Conn.To(websocket.All).Emit("visit", newCount)
func (c *websocketController) Get( /* websocket.Connection could be lived here as well, it doesn't matter */ ) {
c.Conn.On("visit", c.update)
// call it after all event callbacks registration.
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