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package main
// In this package I'll show you how to override the existing Context's functions and methods.
// You can easly navigate to the custom-context example to see how you can add new functions
// to your own context (need a custom handler).
// This way is far easier to understand and it's faster when you want to override existing methods:
import (
// Create your own custom Context, put any fields you wanna need.
type MyContext struct {
// Optional Part 1: embed (optional but required if you don't want to override all context's methods)
context.Context // it's the context/context.go#context struct but you don't need to know it.
var _ context.Context = &MyContext{} // optionally: validate on compile-time if MyContext implements context.Context.
// The only one important if you will override the Context
// with an embedded context.Context inside it.
// Required in order to run the handlers via this "*MyContext".
func (ctx *MyContext) Do(handlers context.Handlers) {
context.Do(ctx, handlers)
// The second one important if you will override the Context
// with an embedded context.Context inside it.
// Required in order to run the chain of handlers via this "*MyContext".
func (ctx *MyContext) Next() {
// Override any context's method you want...
// [...]
func (ctx *MyContext) HTML(htmlContents string) (int, error) {
ctx.Application().Logger().Infof("Executing .HTML function from MyContext")
return ctx.WriteString(htmlContents)
func main() {
app := iris.New()
// app.Logger().SetLevel("debug")
// The only one Required:
// here is how you define how your own context will
// be created and acquired from the iris' generic context pool.
app.ContextPool.Attach(func() context.Context {
return &MyContext{
// Optional Part 3:
Context: context.NewContext(app),
// Register a view engine on .html files inside the ./view/** directory.
app.RegisterView(iris.HTML("./view", ".html"))
// register your route, as you normally do
app.Handle("GET", "/", recordWhichContextJustForProofOfConcept, func(ctx context.Context) {
// use the context's overridden HTML method.
ctx.HTML("<h1> Hello from my custom context's HTML! </h1>")
// this will be executed by the MyContext.Context
// if MyContext is not directly define the View function by itself.
app.Handle("GET", "/hi/{firstname:alphabetical}", recordWhichContextJustForProofOfConcept, func(ctx context.Context) {
firstname := ctx.Values().GetString("firstname")
ctx.ViewData("firstname", firstname)
// should always print "($PATH) Handler is executing from 'MyContext'"
func recordWhichContextJustForProofOfConcept(ctx context.Context) {
ctx.Application().Logger().Infof("(%s) Handler is executing from: '%s'", ctx.Path(), reflect.TypeOf(ctx).Elem().Name())
// Look "new-implementation" to see how you can create an entirely new Context with new functions.
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