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// Package main shows how you can register a custom parameter type and macro functions that belongs to it.
package main
import (
func main() {
app := iris.New()
app.Macros().Register("slice", "", false, true, func(paramValue string) (interface{}, bool) {
return strings.Split(paramValue, "/"), true
}).RegisterFunc("contains", func(expectedItems []string) func(paramValue []string) bool {
return func(paramValue []string) bool {
if len(paramValue) != len(expectedItems) {
return false
for i := 0; i < len(paramValue); i++ {
if paramValue[i] != expectedItems[i] {
return false
return true
// In order to use your new param type inside MVC controller's function input argument or a hero function input argument
// you have to tell the Iris what type it is, the `ValueRaw` of the parameter is the same type
// as you defined it above with the func(paramValue string) (interface{}, bool).
// The new value and its type(from string to your new custom type) it is stored only once now,
// you don't have to do any conversions for simple cases like this.
context.ParamResolvers[reflect.TypeOf([]string{})] = func(paramIndex int) interface{} {
return func(ctx context.Context) []string {
// When you want to retrieve a parameter with a value type that it is not supported by-default, such as ctx.Params().GetInt
// then you can use the `GetEntry` or `GetEntryAt` and cast its underline `ValueRaw` to the desired type.
// The type should be the same as the macro's evaluator function (last argument on the Macros#Register) return value.
return ctx.Params().GetEntryAt(paramIndex).ValueRaw.([]string)
http://localhost:8080/test_slice_hero/myvaluei1/myavlue2 ->
myparam's value (a trailing path parameter type) is: []string{"myvaluei1", "myavlue2"}
app.Get("/test_slice_hero/{myparam:slice}", hero.Handler(func(myparam []string) string {
return fmt.Sprintf("myparam's value (a trailing path parameter type) is: %#v\n", myparam)
http://localhost:8080/test_slice_contains/notcontains1/value2 ->
(404) Not Found
http://localhost:8080/test_slice_contains/value1/value2 ->
myparam's value (a trailing path parameter type) is: []string{"value1", "value2"}
app.Get("/test_slice_contains/{myparam:slice contains([value1,value2])}", func(ctx context.Context) {
// When it is not a built'n function available to retrieve your value with the type you want, such as ctx.Params().GetInt
// then you can use the `GetEntry.ValueRaw` to get the real value, which is set-ed by your macro above.
myparam := ctx.Params().GetEntry("myparam").ValueRaw.([]string)
ctx.Writef("myparam's value (a trailing path parameter type) is: %#v\n", myparam)
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