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package main
import ""
func main() {
app := iris.New()
// or app.Use(before) and app.Done(after).
app.Get("/", before, mainHandler, after)
// Use registers a middleware(prepend handlers) to all party's, and its children that will be registered
// after.
// (`app` is the root children so those use and done handlers will be registered everywhere)
app.Use(func(ctx iris.Context) {
println(`before the party's routes and its children,
but this is not applied to the '/' route
because it's registered before the middleware, order matters.`)
app.Done(func(ctx iris.Context) {
println("this is executed always last, if the previous handler calls the `ctx.Next()`, it's the reverse of `.Use`")
message := ctx.Values().GetString("message")
println("message: " + message)
app.Get("/home", func(ctx iris.Context) {
ctx.HTML("<h1> Home </h1>")
ctx.Values().Set("message", "this is the home message, ip: "+ctx.RemoteAddr())
ctx.Next() // call the done handlers.
child := app.Party("/child")
child.Get("/", func(ctx iris.Context) {
ctx.Writef(`this is the localhost:8080/child route.
All Use and Done handlers that are registered to the parent party,
are applied here as well.`)
ctx.Next() // call the done handlers.
func before(ctx iris.Context) {
shareInformation := "this is a sharable information between handlers"
requestPath := ctx.Path()
println("Before the mainHandler: " + requestPath)
ctx.Values().Set("info", shareInformation)
ctx.Next() // execute the next handler, in this case the main one.
func after(ctx iris.Context) {
println("After the mainHandler")
func mainHandler(ctx iris.Context) {
println("Inside mainHandler")
// take the info from the "before" handler.
info := ctx.Values().GetString("info")
// write something to the client as a response.
ctx.HTML("<br/> Info: " + info)
ctx.Next() // execute the "after".
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