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package identity
import (
// New returns a new handler which adds some headers and view data
// describing the application, i.e the owner, the startup time.
func New(b *bootstrap.Bootstrapper) iris.Handler {
return func(ctx iris.Context) {
// response headers
ctx.Header("App-Name", b.AppName)
ctx.Header("App-Owner", b.AppOwner)
ctx.Header("App-Since", time.Since(b.AppSpawnDate).String())
ctx.Header("Server", "Iris:")
// view data if ctx.View or c.Tmpl = "$page.html" will be called next.
ctx.ViewData("AppName", b.AppName)
ctx.ViewData("AppOwner", b.AppOwner)
// Configure creates a new identity middleware and registers that to the app.
func Configure(b *bootstrap.Bootstrapper) {
h := New(b)
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