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package main
import (
func main() {
app := iris.New()
templates := iris.HTML("./views", ".html").Layout("shared/layout.html")
// http://localhost:9091
// Layout contains all the binding properties for the shared/layout.html
type Layout struct {
Title string
// Controller is our example controller, request-scoped, each request has its own instance.
type Controller struct {
Layout Layout
// BeginRequest is the first method fired when client requests from this Controller's root path.
func (c *Controller) BeginRequest(ctx iris.Context) {
c.Layout.Title = "Home Page"
// EndRequest is the last method fired.
// It's here just to complete the BaseController
// in order to be tell iris to call the `BeginRequest` before the main method.
func (c *Controller) EndRequest(ctx iris.Context) {}
// Get handles GET http://localhost:9091
func (c *Controller) Get() mvc.View {
return mvc.View{
Name: "index.html",
Data: iris.Map{
"Layout": c.Layout,
"Message": "Welcome to my website!",
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