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package main
import (
// Generator the type to generate keys(short urls)
type Generator func() string
// DefaultGenerator is the defautl url generator
var DefaultGenerator = func() string {
id, _ := uuid.NewV4()
return id.String()
// Factory is responsible to generate keys(short urls)
type Factory struct {
store Store
generator Generator
// NewFactory receives a generator and a store and returns a new url Factory.
func NewFactory(generator Generator, store Store) *Factory {
return &Factory{
store: store,
generator: generator,
// Gen generates the key.
func (f *Factory) Gen(uri string) (key string, err error) {
// we don't return the parsed url because #hash are converted to uri-compatible
// and we don't want to encode/decode all the time, there is no need for that,
// we save the url as the user expects if the uri validation passed.
_, err = url.ParseRequestURI(uri)
if err != nil {
return "", err
key = f.generator()
// Make sure that the key is unique
for {
if v :=; v == "" {
key = f.generator()
return key, nil
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