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package controllers
import (
// TodoController is our TODO app's web controller.
type TodoController struct {
Service todo.Service
Session *sessions.Session
// BeforeActivation called once before the server ran, and before
// the routes and dependencies binded.
// You can bind custom things to the controller, add new methods, add middleware,
// add dependencies to the struct or the method(s) and more.
func (c *TodoController) BeforeActivation(b mvc.BeforeActivation) {
// this could be binded to a controller's function input argument
// if any, or struct field if any:
b.Dependencies().Add(func(ctx iris.Context) (items []todo.Item) {
// Get handles the GET: /todos route.
func (c *TodoController) Get() []todo.Item {
return c.Service.Get(c.Session.ID())
// PostItemResponse the response data that will be returned as json
// after a post save action of all todo items.
type PostItemResponse struct {
Success bool `json:"success"`
var emptyResponse = PostItemResponse{Success: false}
// Post handles the POST: /todos route.
func (c *TodoController) Post(newItems []todo.Item) PostItemResponse {
if err := c.Service.Save(c.Session.ID(), newItems); err != nil {
return emptyResponse
return PostItemResponse{Success: true}
func (c *TodoController) GetSync(conn websocket.Connection) {
// join to the session in order to send "saved"
// events only to a single user, that means
// that if user has opened more than one browser window/tab
// of the same session then the changes will be reflected to one another.
conn.On("save", func() { // "save" event from client.
conn.To(c.Session.ID()).Emit("saved", nil) // fire a "saved" event to the rest of the clients w.
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