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// Package main an example on how to naming your routes & use the custom 'url' HTML Template Engine, same for other template engines.
package main
import (
const (
host = ""
func main() {
app := iris.New()
// create a custom path reverser, iris let you define your own host and scheme
// which is useful when you have nginx or caddy in front of iris.
rv := router.NewRoutePathReverser(app, router.WithHost(host), router.WithScheme("http"))
// locate and define our templates as usual.
templates := iris.HTML("./templates", ".html")
// add a custom func of "url" and pass the rv.URL as its template function body,
// so {{url "routename" "paramsOrSubdomainAsFirstArgument"}} will work inside our templates.
templates.AddFunc("url", rv.URL)
// wildcard subdomain, will catch username1.... username2.... username3... username4.... username5...
// that our below links are providing via page.html's first argument which is the subdomain.
subdomain := app.Party("*.")
mypathRoute := subdomain.Get("/mypath", emptyHandler)
mypathRoute.Name = "my-page1"
mypath2Route := subdomain.Get("/mypath2/{paramfirst}/{paramsecond}", emptyHandler)
mypath2Route.Name = "my-page2"
mypath3Route := subdomain.Get("/mypath3/{paramfirst}/statichere/{paramsecond}", emptyHandler)
mypath3Route.Name = "my-page3"
mypath4Route := subdomain.Get("/mypath4/{paramfirst}/statichere/{paramsecond}/{otherparam}/{something:path}", emptyHandler)
mypath4Route.Name = "my-page4"
mypath5Route := subdomain.Handle("GET", "/mypath5/{paramfirst}/statichere/{paramsecond}/{otherparam}/anything/{something:path}", emptyHandler)
mypath5Route.Name = "my-page5"
mypath6Route := subdomain.Get("/mypath6/{paramfirst}/{paramsecond}/staticParam/{paramThirdAfterStatic}", emptyHandler)
mypath6Route.Name = "my-page6"
app.Get("/", func(ctx iris.Context) {
// for username5./mypath6...
paramsAsArray := []string{"username5", "theParam1", "theParam2", "paramThirdAfterStatic"}
ctx.ViewData("ParamsAsArray", paramsAsArray)
if err := ctx.View("page.html"); err != nil {
// simple path so you can test it without host mapping and subdomains,
// at view it make uses of {{urlpath ...}}
// in order to showcase you that you can use it
// if you don't want the entire scheme and host to be part of the url.
app.Get("/mypath7/{paramfirst}/{paramsecond}/static/{paramthird}", emptyHandler).Name = "my-page7"
func emptyHandler(ctx iris.Context) {
ctx.Writef("Hello from subdomain: %s , you're in path: %s", ctx.Subdomain(), ctx.Path())
// Note:
// If you got an empty string on {{ url }} or {{ urlpath }} it means that
// args length are not aligned with the route's parameters length
// or the route didn't found by the passed name.