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package main
import (
type mailData struct {
Title string
Body string
RefTitle string
RefLink string
func main() {
app := iris.New()
app.RegisterView(iris.HTML("./views", ".html"))
// you need to call `app.Build` manually before using the `app.View` func,
// so templates are built in that state.
// Or a string-buffered writer to use its body to send an e-mail
// for sending e-mails you can use the
// or any other third-party package you like.
// The template's parsed result will be written to that writer.
writer := os.Stdout
err := app.View(writer, "email/simple.html", "shared/email.html", mailData{
Title: "This is my e-mail title",
Body: "This is my e-mail body",
RefTitle: "Iris web framework",
RefLink: "",
if err != nil {
app.Logger().Errorf("error from app.View: %v", err)
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