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package main
import (
func main() {
app := iris.New()
app.Get("/", func(ctx iris.Context) {
ctx.ServeFile("websockets.html", false) // second parameter: enable gzip?
// x2
// http://localhost:8080
// http://localhost:8080
// write something, press submit, see the result.
func setupWebsocket(app *iris.Application) {
// create our echo websocket server
ws := websocket.New(websocket.Config{
// These are low-level optionally fields,
// user/client can't see those values.
ReadBufferSize: 1024,
WriteBufferSize: 1024,
// only javascript client-side code has the same rule,
// which you serve using the ws.ClientSource (see below).
EvtMessagePrefix: []byte("my-custom-prefix:"),
// register the server on an endpoint.
// see the inline javascript code in the websockets.html, this endpoint is used to connect to the server.
app.Get("/echo", ws.Handler())
// serve the javascript built'n client-side library,
// see websockets.html script tags, this path is used.
app.Any("/iris-ws.js", func(ctx iris.Context) {
func handleConnection(c websocket.Connection) {
// Read events from browser
c.On("chat", func(msg string) {
// Print the message to the console, c.Context() is the iris's http context.
fmt.Printf("%s sent: %s\n", c.Context().RemoteAddr(), msg)
// Write message back to the client message owner with:
// c.Emit("chat", msg)
// Write message to all except this client with:
c.To(websocket.Broadcast).Emit("chat", msg)
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