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package context
// ConfigurationReadOnly can be implemented
// by Configuration, it's being used inside the Context.
// All methods that it contains should be "safe" to be called by the context
// at "serve time". A configuration field may be missing when it's not
// safe or its useless to be called from a request handler.
type ConfigurationReadOnly interface {
// GetVHost returns the non-exported vhost config field.
// If original addr ended with :443 or :80, it will return the host without the port.
// If original addr was :https or :http, it will return localhost.
// If original addr was, it will return localhost.
GetVHost() string
// GetDisablePathCorrection returns the configuration.DisablePathCorrection,
// DisablePathCorrection corrects and redirects the requested path to the registered path
// for example, if /home/ path is requested but no handler for this Route found,
// then the Router checks if /home handler exists, if yes,
// (permant)redirects the client to the correct path /home.
GetDisablePathCorrection() bool
// GetDisablePathCorrectionRedirection returns the Configuration#DisablePathCorrectionRedirection field.
// If DisablePathCorrectionRedirection set to true then it will fire the handler of the matching route without
// the last slash ("/") instead of send a redirection status.
GetDisablePathCorrectionRedirection() bool
// GetEnablePathEscape is the configuration.EnablePathEscape,
// returns true when its escapes the path, the named parameters (if any).
GetEnablePathEscape() bool
// GetEnableOptimizations returns whether
// the application has performance optimizations enabled.
GetEnableOptimizations() bool
// GetFireMethodNotAllowed returns the configuration.FireMethodNotAllowed.
GetFireMethodNotAllowed() bool
// GetDisableBodyConsumptionOnUnmarshal returns the configuration.GetDisableBodyConsumptionOnUnmarshal,
// manages the reading behavior of the context's body readers/binders.
// If returns true then the body consumption by the `context.UnmarshalBody/ReadJSON/ReadXML`
// is disabled.
// By-default io.ReadAll` is used to read the body from the `context.Request.Body which is an `io.ReadCloser`,
// if this field set to true then a new buffer will be created to read from and the request body.
// The body will not be changed and existing data before the
// context.UnmarshalBody/ReadJSON/ReadXML will be not consumed.
GetDisableBodyConsumptionOnUnmarshal() bool
// GetDisableAutoFireStatusCode returns the configuration.DisableAutoFireStatusCode.
// Returns true when the http error status code handler automatic execution turned off.
GetDisableAutoFireStatusCode() bool
// GetTimeFormat returns the configuration.TimeFormat,
// format for any kind of datetime parsing.
GetTimeFormat() string
// GetCharset returns the configuration.Charset,
// the character encoding for various rendering
// used for templates and the rest of the responses.
GetCharset() string
// GetPostMaxMemory returns the maximum configured post data size
// that a client can send to the server, this differs
// from the overral request body size which can be modified
// by the `context#SetMaxRequestBodySize` or `iris#LimitRequestBodySize`.
// Defaults to 32MB or 32 << 20 if you prefer.
GetPostMaxMemory() int64
// GetTranslateLanguageContextKey returns the configuration's TranslateFunctionContextKey value,
// used for i18n inside templates.
GetTranslateFunctionContextKey() string
// GetTranslateLangFunctionContextKey returns the configuration's TranslateLangFunctionContextKey value,
// used for i18n inside templates.
GetTranslateLangFunctionContextKey() string
// GetTranslateLanguageContextKey returns the configuration's TranslateLanguageContextKey value,
// used for i18n.
GetTranslateLanguageContextKey() string
// GetViewLayoutContextKey returns the key of the context's user values' key
// which is being used to set the template
// layout from a middleware or the main handler.
// Overrides the parent's or the configuration's.
GetViewLayoutContextKey() string
// GetViewDataContextKey returns the key of the context's user values' key
// which is being used to set the template
// binding data from a middleware or the main handler.
GetViewDataContextKey() string
// GetRemoteAddrHeaders returns the allowed request headers names
// that can be valid to parse the client's IP based on.
// Defaults to:
// "X-Real-Ip": true,
// "X-Forwarded-For": true,
// "CF-Connecting-IP": false
// Look `context.RemoteAddr()` for more.
GetRemoteAddrHeaders() map[string]bool
// GetOther returns the configuration.Other map.
GetOther() map[string]interface{}
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