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package context
import (
// Pool is the context pool, it's used inside router and the framework by itself.
// It's the only one real implementation inside this package because it used widely.
type Pool struct {
pool *sync.Pool
newFunc func() Context // we need a field otherwise is not working if we change the return value
// New creates and returns a new context pool.
func New(newFunc func() Context) *Pool {
c := &Pool{pool: &sync.Pool{}, newFunc: newFunc}
c.pool.New = func() interface{} { return c.newFunc() }
return c
// Attach changes the pool's return value Context.
// The new Context should explicitly define the `Next()`
// and `Do(context.Handlers)` functions.
// Example:
func (c *Pool) Attach(newFunc func() Context) {
c.newFunc = newFunc
// Acquire returns a Context from pool.
// See Release.
func (c *Pool) Acquire(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) Context {
ctx := c.pool.Get().(Context)
ctx.BeginRequest(w, r)
return ctx
// Release puts a Context back to its pull, this function releases its resources.
// See Acquire.
func (c *Pool) Release(ctx Context) {
// ReleaseLight will just release the object back to the pool, but the
// clean method is caller's responsibility now, currently this is only used
// on `SPABuilder`.
func (c *Pool) ReleaseLight(ctx Context) {
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