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Examples, book, middleware, plugins are updated to the latest iris
version. Read for more.

The 'old' v5 branch which relied on fasthttp exists for those who want
to use it navigate there:

Package information

This package is the command line tool for ../.

Iris get command preview

Iris help screen


go get -u


$ iris [command] [-flags]

Note that you must have $GOPATH/bin to your $PATH system/environment variable.


The get command downloads, installs and runs a project based on a prototype, such as basic, static and mongo .

These projects are located online

iris get mongo

Downloads the mongo sample protoype project to the $GOPATH/src/ directory(the iris cmd will open this folder to you, automatically) builds, runs and watch for source code changes (hot-reload)


The run command runs & reload on file changes your Iris station

It's like go run but with directory watcher and re-run on .go file changes.

iris run main.go

Iris CLI run showcase

Iris CLI run showcase linux


iris version

Will print the current Iris' installed version to your machine