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Starter kits

Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos edited this page Jul 22, 2019 · 2 revisions
Project Description Stars Author
snowlyg/IrisApiProject Iris + gorm + jwt + sqlite3 200 @snowlyg
yz124/superstar Iris + xorm to implement the star library 70 @yz124 A realtime API monitor written with go 5 @neoighodaro
jebzmos4/Iris-golang A basic CRUD API in golang with Iris 8 @jebzmos4
gauravtiwari/go_iris_app Basic web app built in Iris 21 @gauravtiwari
iris-contrib/Iris-Mini-Social-Network A mini social-network created with the awesome Iris💖💖 47 @iris-contrib
iris-contrib/iris-starter-kit Iris isomorphic react/hot reloadable/redux/css-modules 37 @iris-contrib
ionutvilie/react-ts Demo project with react using typescript and Iris 8 @ionutvilie
iris-contrib/parrot Self-hosted Localization Management Platform built with Iris and Angular 10 @iris-contrib
iris-contrib/cloud-native-go Iris + Docker and Kubernetes 28 @iris-contrib Quickstart for Iris with Nanobox 9 @nanobox-io A Hasura starter project with a ready to deploy Golang hello-world web app with Iris 9 @k8s-platform-hub
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