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This is the under-development branch. Stay tuned for the upcoming release v12.2.0. Looking for a stable release? Head over to the v12.1.8 branch instead.

The official Iris Command Line Interface will soon be near you in 2020!

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Iris Web Framework

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Iris is a fast, simple yet fully featured and very efficient web framework for Go.

It provides a beautifully expressive and easy to use foundation for your next website or API.

Learn what others saying about Iris and star this open-source project to support its potentials.

Benchmarks: Jul 18, 2020 at 10:46am (UTC)

📖 Learning Iris

$ go get
# assume the following code in main.go file
$ cat main.go
package main

import ""

func main() {
	app := iris.New()

	booksAPI := app.Party("/books")

		// GET: http://localhost:8080/books
		booksAPI.Get("/", list)
		// POST: http://localhost:8080/books
		booksAPI.Post("/", create)


// Book example.
type Book struct {
	Title string `json:"title"`

func list(ctx iris.Context) {
	books := []Book{
		{"Mastering Concurrency in Go"},
		{"Go Design Patterns"},
		{"Black Hat Go"},

	// TIP: negotiate the response between server's prioritizes
	// and client's requirements, instead of ctx.JSON:
	// ctx.Negotiation().JSON().MsgPack().Protobuf()
	// ctx.Negotiate(books)

func create(ctx iris.Context) {
	var b Book
	err := ctx.ReadJSON(&b)
	// TIP: use ctx.ReadBody(&b) to bind
	// any type of incoming data instead.
	if err != nil {
		ctx.StopWithProblem(iris.StatusBadRequest, iris.NewProblem().
			Title("Book creation failure").DetailErr(err))
		// TIP: use ctx.StopWithError(code, err) when only
		// plain text responses are expected on errors.

	println("Received Book: " + b.Title)


MVC equivalent:

import ""
m := mvc.New(booksAPI)
type BookController struct {
	/* dependencies */

// GET: http://localhost:8080/books
func (c *BookController) Get() []Book {
	return []Book{
		{"Mastering Concurrency in Go"},
		{"Go Design Patterns"},
		{"Black Hat Go"},

// POST: http://localhost:8080/books
func (c *BookController) Post(b Book) int {
	println("Received Book: " + b.Title)

	return iris.StatusCreated

Run your Iris web server:

$ go run main.go
> Now listening on: http://localhost:8080
> Application started. Press CTRL+C to shut down.

List Books:

$ curl --header 'Accept-Encoding:gzip' http://localhost:8080/books

    "title": "Mastering Concurrency in Go"
    "title": "Go Design Patterns"
    "title": "Black Hat Go"

Create a new Book:

$ curl -i -X POST \
--header 'Content-Encoding:gzip' \
--header 'Content-Type:application/json' \
--data "{\"title\":\"Writing An Interpreter In Go\"}" \

> HTTP/1.1 201 Created

That's how an error response looks like:

$ curl -X POST --data "{\"title\" \"not valid one\"}" \

> HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request

  "status": 400,
  "title": "Book creation failure"
  "detail": "invalid character '\"' after object key",

run in the browser

Iris contains extensive and thorough wiki making it easy to get started with the framework.

For a more detailed technical documentation you can head over to our godocs. And for executable code you can always visit the ./_examples repository's subdirectory.

Do you like to read while traveling?

Book cover

follow Iris web framework on twitter

You can request a PDF version and online access of the E-Book today and be participated in the development of Iris.

🙌 Contributing

We'd love to see your contribution to the Iris Web Framework! For more information about contributing to the Iris project please check the file.

List of all Contributors

🛡 Security Vulnerabilities

If you discover a security vulnerability within Iris, please send an e-mail to All security vulnerabilities will be promptly addressed.

📝 License

This project is licensed under the BSD 3-clause license, just like the Go project itself.

The project name "Iris" was inspired by the Greek mythology.

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