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These examples are meant to help users learn about WEST and quickly accomplish their goals. Please email me with any comments and suggestions.

As with all code which uses WEST, please run these examples from a directory outside of the repository.

Evaluating white space availability in the United States

Please see united_states_tvws.py. This example demonstrates how to load and plot the white space availability in the United States.

Evaluating white space capacity in the United States

Please see united_states_data_rates.py. Note that this can be easily extended to utilize a user-provided model for data rates.

Combining white space availability data with other data (population, economic, etc.)

Please see united_states_data_rates.py. The techniques used in this example work just as well with other types of data.

Evaluating white space availability in other regions

The examples for the United States can be easily extended to work for other regions. Below is a list of necessary modifications:

  1. Subclass west.protected_entity.ProtectedEntity as needed to define each of the entities which is protected in the target region. Consider using west.protected_entity_tv_station.ProtectedEntityTVStation as an example.
  2. Subclass west.protected_entities.ProtectedEntities as needed to load data about the target region's protected entities and create ProtectedEntity objects. Users are strongly encouraged to use west.protected_entities_plmrs and west.protected_entities_tv_stations as examples.
  3. Subclass west.region.Region. This class will contain region-specific data such as which TV channels are available for white space use, the width of each channel, and the set of protected entities. Users are encouraged to use west.region.region_united_states.RegionUnitedStates as an exmaple.
  4. If necessary, subclass west.ruleset.Ruleset to specify a new ruleset.
  5. Use these new classes with the US-centric examples, replacing references to classes as necessary. The interfaces have been designed to allow as much flexibility as possible.

Users are encouraged to subclass from existing subclasses (e.g. west.ruleset_fcc2012.RulesetFcc2012 ) and make only necessary changes when practical. However, stability of code is never guaranteed.