Solarized colour scheme for the Xfce4 terminal
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Solarized colour scheme for the Xfce4 Terminal

Developed by Sasha Gerrand

Visit the Solarized homepage

See the Solarized homepage for screenshots, details and colorscheme versions for Vim, Mutt, popular terminal emulators and other applications.


solarized dark


If you have come across this colorscheme via the [Vim-only repository] on github, or the [ script] page see the link above to the Solarized homepage or visit the main Solarized repository.

The Xfce4-Terminal-only repository is kept in sync with the main Solarized repository and is for installation convenience only, for instance). Issues, bug reports, changelogs are centralized at the main Solarized repository.


Move terminalrc to your ~/.config/Terminal/ directory.

    $ cd xfce4-terminal-colors-solarized
    $ mv terminalrc ~/.config/Terminal/