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Dockerized create-react-native app
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Dockerized Create React Native App

Dockerized container for Create React Native App - instructions are for Mac

Prerequisites for Development

  • Docker for Mac
  • docker-compose
  • Expo app on your mobile device (instructions below are for iOS)

Build and start the development environment

  • Install the Expo app on your phone and log into the app
  • See the code comments for places to customize your app name (in docker-compose.yml and
  • copy .env.example to .env and put in your expo credentials
  • docker-compose up -d --build from project root
  • Open Kitematic and wait for the app to load; when the QR code is displayed, open your camera app
  • It will take several minutes after your the QR code displays for the app to fire up - look for logs like the following:
[exp] Finished building JavaScript bundle in 84815ms.
[exp] Finished building JavaScript bundle in 14ms.
[exp] Finished building JavaScript bundle in 12ms.
[exp] Warning: Not using the Expo fork of react-native. See
[exp] Running application "main" with appParams: { ... }
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