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Rails ERB Lint

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Checks for the validity of your ERB views.

"But if you write tests, you won't have these problems"

So test. TDD is not dead.


  • Ruby 1.9.3 or greater


gem install rails-erb-lint


cd your-rails-app/app/views
rails-erb-lint check

By default, we don't show which files are valid as that makes little sense. However you can show them through valid mode.

cd your-rails-app/app/views
rails-erb-lint check -v

This will print the errors:

rails-erb-lint check -e

To export report as json file:

rails-erb-lint check -v -e errors.json

Using Slim and HAML

Initially planned to discontinue the idea of a lint tool for ERB views. I think there should be a gem that works for Slim/HAML/ERB for that.

ERB by experience is not fun or sensible to use. HAML or Slim works well.

Convert ERB to Slim