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Never given a conference talk before, but would like to try? Hints and tips to get started.
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1. Should I submit to a conference?
2. Picking a Topic
3. Writing the Proposal
4. Submitting the Proposal

Conference talks....

Never given a conference talk before, but would like to try?

This open source guide will contain a compilation of advice and tips from seasoned to first time conference speakers, program committee members and conference organisers.

It also contains a list of other guides and external resources that are recommended.

Please note, this guide is in it's infancy, so if anything is unclear, please contact me.

Please contribute!

If you would like some advice or something to be addressed, please open an issue.

If you would like to contribute advice, please see the issues list and pick something up, then create a pull request. Please see the wiki for more information.

All contributions will be attributed (unless you would rather be anonymous), so please supply your name, and any titles/ links you would like included.

Want to contribute, pushed for time?

Options include:

DM me to set up a hangout - I will ask questions, record, transcribe and add to the repo.


DM me for my e-mail address - I can ask questions to be answered inline in the e-mail, and will transcribe and add to the repo.


Please answer these quick questions:

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