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Done CI configuration template for building Amethyst games
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Amethyst Drone CI Config Template

Build Status

This is a starter template for the Drone CI server that can be used to automatically build Amethyst games for 64bit Windows, Mac, and Linux and automatically deploy the builds to your GitHub releases.

Drone is a Docker based CI server that is hosted free for Open Source projects. This makes it easy to provide free automated builds of your Amethyst project for anybody who might want to try it out!


To use this for your project, first login to the Drone Cloud with your GitHub account. After logging in you will be able to see a list of the repositories that you own. Click on the repo that you want to setup and then click "Activate".

Next we need to create an access key that Drone can use to publish GitHub releases with. Follow the instructions here to create a personal access token. Once you have created the token, you must add it Drone from the settings page in the Drone cloud:

Drone Access Token

After that is done, simply copy the template.drone.yml from this repo to .drone.yml in your repo and replace all occurrences of ??CRATE_NAME?? with the name of your crate. Push the changes to your repo or open a PR, and Drone will detect it and run the builds.


Drone will automatically deploy to GitHub releases whenever you push a new annotated tag that starts with v. For example:

# The -a makes it an annotated tag
git tag -a v1.0.2 && git push --tags

This will create a new 1.0.2 release on GitHub that Drone will add your Windows, Mac, and Linux builds to so that users can download them.

Build Badge

At the bottom of the Drone settings page you can copy a link to create a nice build status badge for your repo: Build Status.


This repo contains the default Amethyst game example and demonstrates successfully using this Drone config. You can see what a release looks like from the releases page.

If you have any questions, open an issue!

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