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The Lucky charm framework for Juju.
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Lucky - A charming framework for Juju

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This is the home of a work-in-progress charm writing framework for Juju. The framework will seek to provide a well-documented and easy-to-use experience for writing charms that run Docker containers. While currently we are focusing on Docker containers, as development progresses, this framework could very well end up being useful for writing non-Docker charms as well.

The original discussion that started this effort can be found here on the Juju forums.

The documentation is hosted at


Currently there isn't much to try yet, but you can test the latest pre-release of Lucky by downloading the build for your platform from the releases page.

We also support the following package managers.

Chocolatey ( Windows )

Note: The windows Chocolatey package is currently not up-to-date with the latest pre-release. This is temporary and will be fixed.

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You can install Lucky with the Chocolatey package manager for Windows:

choco install lucky --pre

Snap ( Linux )

Get it from the Snap Store

We have a snap which can be installed on supported linux distros from the commandline:

sudo snap install --edge --devmode lucky

Note: Unlike the Windows and mac packages, this will install Lucky from the latest commit on master instead of the latest pre-release.

Homebrew ( MacOS )

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We have a Homebrew cask:

brew cask install katharostech/tap/lucky-pre-release

Bugs, Features, and Questions

If you have any bug reports or feature requests you can create a Taiga issue and we'll see what we can do to help.

For questions or general discussion there is also a Lucky category on the Juju forum.

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