Autopache: Automatically setup Apache vhosts
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Autopache, version 1.3. Written by Dan Dart
License: MIT

Autopache is a tool written in bash to automatically setup Apache vhosts
under Debian-based systems.

To install, run:
$ sudo ./

To setup a vhost, go to the public directory and run:
$ sudo [vhostname]

This will setup the vhost for you using the template included,
add an entry to your /etc/hosts file and restart Apache.

You can optionally use the following parameters:

$ sudo [vhostname] --delete
Deletes the vhost entry and hosts entry and restart Apache

$ sudo [vhostname] --open
When finished, opens your default browser displaying the new vhost page.

To remove the program without the configuration files, use the following options:
$ sudo --remove # Removes only the program
$ sudo --purge # Removes the program and the configuration file.