eggs is a tool for small farms to help manage their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs
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Eggs is a tool to help small meat farms manage their community supported agriculture programs (CSAs).

Who is it for?

It was built especially for CSAs which:

  • Have centralized pickups (rather than direct deliveries to customers)
  • Accept orders for products which only have an estimated price until they are weighed (such as chickens and cuts of beef)
  • Let members “top up” and carry a balance from month to month, from which their final order total is deducted after weighing.
  • Don’t require a monthly commitment

It is not so good for CSAs or farms which:

  • Have a single flat-rate product, such as a fruit or veggie box
  • Need automatically recurring billing or orders
  • Require a monthly commitment

Some Features:

Members of a CSA can:

  • Join a CSA for a specific farm
  • Submit an order for any open delivery
  • Edit or cancel their order up until the delivery closes for orders
  • View their balance and any previous transactions
  • Receive a customized email once their order is finalized (weighed and priced) with the final total and any amount due.

Managers of a CSA can:

  • Manage members
  • Enter transactions for a member’s balance (debits/credits)
  • Manage products which the farm offers
  • Create a delivery with available inventory (total available and per-person maximums)
  • Define available pickup locations
  • Accept orders and view inventory status
  • Print bag/box labels and packing lists for farm use
  • Export delivery data
  • Email members


Eggs has been rolled out to two farms on EggBasket (, hosted on Heroku.

All features have been built specifically for those two farms – a more general use case will require some tweaking, at the very least.

Contact me with questions of any sort:

It’s released under the MIT license, so use freely!


  • Bonnie Powell, the intrepid manager of Soul Food Farm and Clark Summit Farm CSA programs, who inspired and guided the project.
  • Alon Salant, for much mentoring and help with importing
  • Arena Reed, for some early UI sketching and brainstorming
  • Sarah Allen, for teaching me this stuff in the first place!