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Welcome to the 9to5connect wiki!

We are students attending the IoT Course at the Herman Hollerith Zentrum. As part of our studies for the master program “Digital Business Management” our team was given the task to develop an IoT Solution showing the concept of embedded systems. Our team got together to find a solution for problems with close encounters: Situations where a large number of people get in contact for the first time. Problems arise because participants are having troubles remembering names and background of these encounters. The approach of unknown individuals itself might bear complications even though a future contact might be beneficial for all parties involved. Therefore we describe the development process of our product 9to5 connect using the Living Lab method: After presenting the ideas that lead to the 9to5 connect project we will describe the Co Creation Process. This applies concepts from different areas of our studies related to digital product development tools. The Exploration phase contains the description of product during the test phase itself. In the experimentation and evaluation phase we will show the validation of our hypothesis and our outcome of the product. Furthermore the foundations used in this paper, containing the IoT Design Principles and the economic IoT principle are described The architecture and communication behavior is shown in the Issues of this wiki. The whole product is presented in a video documentation showing the embedded system in a test situation and explaining its benefits.

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