Library and command line utilities
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Library and command line utility


This utility will configure the following Ultimarc boards; ServoStik, PACDrive, IPAC Ultimate, I-Pac 2, I-Pac 4, Mini-Pac, JPAC, UltraStik 360, PacLED64, U-HID and U-HID Nano. There is support for the PAC 2015 boards, Ultistik 2015 board and the previous generation of the PAC boards. It uses json configuration files to configure the different boards. It also supports the ability to change the device ID of the UltiStik 360 boards. Allowing for the configuring of four different boards at once.

This library and command line utility support 2012 through 2015 boards. If you need support for older Ultimarc boards, please look at the following utility developed by Travis, Ipacutil or use the Windows WinIpac v1 from Ultimarc

Required Libraries

To build this tool the following libraries need to be install on your system.

  • autoreconf
  • automake
  • libudev-dev
  • json-c (0.11), site
  • libusb-1.0 (1.0.18), site
  • libtool

UDEV Rule:

This utility requires folder permission changes to the usb device directories before it can do the configuration changes to the boards. The udev rule in the base directory named 21-ultimarc.rules needs to be placed in /etc/udev/rules.d directory. Placing the file in that directory usually requires root permissions.

Building Utility:

To build this project, at the base directory run the following commands

  • ./
  • ./configure
  • make

If you need extra debug statements for the IPac boards then run the following

  • ./configure CFLAGS='-DDEBUG'
  • make

The executable will be in src/umtool directory and named umtool.

  • ./umtool ipac2.json


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