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This is the source Hello World assignment repository for WATS 1010. You will find everything you need to complete the Hello World assignment here.

In order to complete the assignment, you must perform a series of tasks centered around getting used to working with Git and Github. Specifically, we are going to practice forking and cloning repositories, making branches, and how to use Github Pages.

To complete this assignment, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Sign up to Github
  2. Fork this repo into your personal Github account
  3. Sign up to
  4. Add your Codeanywhere public SSH key to Github
  5. Clone this repo to a Codeanywhere devbox
  6. Alter the index.html file to contain your name
  7. Branch your repository to create a gh-pages branch
  8. Push your changes to the gh-pages branch
  9. Post the URL to your project in the WATS1010 assignment submission page in Canvas

This sounds like a lot, but these are small steps. You are encouraged to watch the video demo linked on the assignment resources page for more information about how to complete each of these steps.