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# Let's do some testing
from unittest import TestCase
# Generally, with testing you should import code from another file
# but here, we are going to be lazier
class Candidate(object):
# __init__ initializes the class, allows you to pass arguments into the class
# at the time you're creating it
def __init__(self, raw_name, party):
self.raw_name = raw_name = party
# This will create the last_name and first_name that we are testing
# Private method
def _parse_name(self):
name_bits = self.raw_name.split(',')
self.last_name = name_bits[0].strip() # Strip spaces
self.first_name = name_bits[1].strip()
# Test-driven development: Write your test before writing the actual class
class TestCandidate(TestCase):
def test_name_parsing(self):
cand = Candidate('Smith, John', 'IND')
# Inheriting behavior assertEqual from TestCase
# Assert that these two things are equal
self.assertEqual(cand.last_name, 'Smith') # Real value first, then expected
self.assertEqual(cand.first_name, 'John')