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3D framework for web, desktop and mobile devices.
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Minko is a free and open source real-time 3D framework for the web, desktop and mobile devices. It is currently compatible with the following devices:

  • Mac and PC computers
  • Any web browser with Flash 11+
  • Android 2.2+ smartphones and tablets
  • iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad, iPad 2 and iPad 3


You can get free support on our official forum: Aerys Answers. If you need professional services, please contact us!


Complete documentation can be found on the developers Hub:


This section lists all the projects done with Minko:

The Salt Mine Disney Cars Land BlackSun The Mirage Real-Time Motion Tracking Nao Avatar


This section lists all the technical demonstrations done with Minko:

ShaderLab Preview Minko Studio Preview 1 Globe Mercedes E-500 Venus Quake 3 Procedural Flag Animation Procedural Waves Gravity Submarine Sun ShaderLab Shader RaveAI Color Transition ShaderLab Shader Vortex ShaderLab Shader

Open Source Examples

Code samples are available in a separate github repository: minko-examples.

Procedural Terrain Wireframe Astroboy Cel-Shading Cubes Benchmark Teapots Benchmark Dynamic Textures Texture Filtering Parallax And Normal Mapping Spot Light Point Light Directional Light Points Post-Processing Primitives Ray Casting Render To Texture Skybox Spritesheet HDR Bloom Pixel Picking Vertex Normals and Positions Bones and Joints


ShaderLab is a tool to create hardware accelerated rendering effects without a single line of code.

ShaderLab Beta


  • Super fast, simple and extensible
  • Lightweight MVC architecture
  • AS3 GPU programming
  • JIT shaders compiler
  • Multi-pass rendering
  • Post-processing (noise, HDR bloom, vignettage...)
  • Ray casting
  • Hardware accelerated skinning/morphing animations
  • Lighting engine (Phong lighting, environmental mapping, shadow mapping, fog...)
  • Pixel-perfect 3D mouse interactivity
  • 3D assets compression


minko is LGPL-licensed. Make sure you tell us everything that's wrong!

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