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Are you tired of manually going over your trades in BscScan and Etherscan to calculate your transaction fees?

BscFees is your go-to place when it comes to Binance Safe Chain and Ethereum Blockchain fees calculation!


Just input the wallet address and BscFees will:

  • fetch the last bnb/busd currency rate
  • iterate over all your transactions and sum your fees
  • multiply the above two values

And there you have it! The sum of fees you have paid for Bsc and Eth transactions right in front of your pretty eyes!

Repo contents

This repository hosts the bits and pieces that make BscFees a reality:

Future work

  • Show final fees price based on the bnb/busd currency rate at the exact time the transaction completed.
  • Support other currencies (eg EUR)
  • Support of more than 10000 transactions (bots)