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This repository contains a development structure to start fast and simple with the development of your theme.
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WordPress Theme Boilerplate

This repository contains a simple setup, which is fast to install and start with. Tools used:

Quick Start

To start quickly all you need is npm. Recommended way to install npm is using Node Version Manager - Link.

Run npm install . to install all development dependencies. After installing the dependencies you are ready to go and develop your theme using TypeScript and SCSS. For more automation, there is also Gulp installed.

File Structure

The boilerplate has pretty simple file structure:

  • /assets/ - a folder containing the css files, images and javascript files for the theme. There are also the folders ts/ and scss/ inside which are used for development with SCSS and TypeScript.

  • /.gitignore - contains files which should be ignored in your git repository. Feel free to adjust this according to your project.

  • /composer.json - a file containing the repository description for PHP Composer. Really useful if you have your development with Bedrock

  • /gulpfile.js - contains various tasks used by Gulp for automated pre-processing and development. For more info read how to use gulp

  • /index.php - simple php file needed for the theme to be installed and started in WordPress. For more info read installing the theme

  • /package.json - dependencies for the Node Package Manager. Gulp (+ some gulp plugins) and TypeScript are defined as dependencies there.

  • /style.css - main theme stylesheet, read by WordPress for theme validation and description. For more general info, you can read this guide by WordPress.

  • /tsconfig.json - configuration file for TypeScript, which is also used by Gulp when pre-processing typescript code.

How to use gulp

There are three gulp tasks currently defined:

  • gulp css - pre-processes all sass files.
  • gulp js - pre-processes all typescript files.
  • gulp watch - runs gulp css and gulp js parallel whenever a file in the repository is changed.

Installing the theme

This theme is ready to be installed. Feel free to copy the theme inside your wp-contents/themes folder or just zip it and upload it via the dashboard.


This theme, as any other WordPress theme or plugin is licensed under the GPL.

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