A simple rip, encode and iTunes library tool for your private DVD.
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musical is a simple tool for your favorite music DVD.

You can rip vob files by each DVD chapter, convert them to wav file and add them to your iTunes library.


musical depends on dvdbackup and ffmpeg. To install them try this for example.

brew install dvdbackup
brew install ffmpeg

And install gem.

gem install musical


Set your DVD and type

musical <options>


                  --info, -i:   Show your DVD data
  --ignore-convert-sound, -g:   Rip data only, NOT convert them to wav file
     --ignore-use-itunes, -n:   NOT add ripped files to iTunes and encode them
              --path, -p <s>:   Set device path of DVD
             --title, -t <s>:   Set DVD title (default: LIVE)
            --artist, -a <s>:   Set DVD artist (default: Artist)
              --year, -y <i>:   Set year DVD was recorded (default: 2013)
            --output, -o <s>:   Set location of ripped data (default: ripped)
               --version, -v:   Print version and exit
                  --help, -h:   Show this message

When you use iTunes, you should use --title, --artist and --year options.

They will help you to manage your music library easily.

Supported OS

  • OSX El Capitan
  • OSX Yosemite
  • OSX Mavericks

Supported Ruby

  • 2.2
  • 2.1
  • 2.0


musical is released under the MIT License.