Resolved command path for "pod" is invalid. Expanded GEM_PATH: /usr/bin #73

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Hi Kattrali,

This might be a simple question, but I can't seem to fix it.

What should i change to make install pod works?


I have same Issue.


Hi @kohdesmond, @LSsoftware, do you have the cocoapods gem installed? What do you see when you run these commands in a terminal:

  1. which ruby
  2. which pod

By default, the plugin looks for Cocoapods to be installed at /usr/bin/pod, which should happen when you run gem install cocoapods using the default ruby command on OS X (/usr/bin/ruby).

If /usr/bin/pod does not exist and you do have cocoapods installed, you can instead replace GEM_PATH in the menu (Product > Cocoapods > GEM_PATH) with the output of the command which pod. Let me know if this helps!

bre7 commented Sep 20, 2015

Thanks @kattrali. In my case it was /usr/local/bin/ instead (not sure why...It was working fine until I upgraded to El Capitan)


@kattrali, in my case it /usr/bin/ruby & /usr/local/bin/pod running El Capitan too..


@kattrali , i reinstall ruby many many times, i finally solved the issues. Also thank you.


@LSsoftware awesome! glad to help.

@kohdesmond @bre7 Does changing GEM_PATH to /usr/bin/local fix your issue? I'll update the pod command to use /usr/local/bin/pod if that is the new default.


@kattrali, yes it does work for me by using /usr/local/bin/
i'm closing this issue Thanks!

@kohdesmond kohdesmond closed this Sep 22, 2015

I had to update GEM_PATH after reinstalling CocoaPods on OS X El Capitan, even though I never reinstalled Ruby and the path for which ruby remains the default. pod was now installed under /usr/local/bin/pod. Maybe this is a new default?


Ah, thanks @macecchi, that helps!


I just updated. I uninstalled and reinstalled this plugin from package manager. I tried:


Both didnt work


CocoaPods/CocoaPods#3736 (comment)

After this it worked with /usr/local/bin/


yes, it worked with /usr/local/bin/
thanks goktugyil

@kattrali kattrali added a commit that referenced this issue Nov 17, 2015
@kattrali Fall back to /usr/local/bin as default if GEM_PATH doesn’t resolve
The new default location for system installed pods is /usr/local/bin as
of OS X El Capitan. Added a fall back to check this location.

Fixes #73, #76, #78, #79
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